The Oceana Collection has been the flagship of the line, with its very traditional Crotch Walnut veneers finished in a rich, dark Walnut, resulting in a transitional table with an Art Deco feel. The distinguishing feature of the collection was the hand-carved legs of the dining table, the hardware of the buffet, the nightstand and bed, and the distinctive, one-of-a-kind Oceana Console, all inspired by the natural shape of an ocean wave.

It was now time to refine the collection and give it an updated look. 

The initial concept was to freshen the Crotch Walnut veneers with a new finish, but in the process of searching pallets of veneers, a Swirl Walnut was presented that caught everyone’s eye. Its unique, non-traditional flowing grain was full of possibilities. With the right finish, it would make a statement in any setting, as it has a formal and relaxed feel at the same time.
The design of the original table was used, but the legs were given a beautiful, sexy, tapered look and met the floor with long brass ferules.
The veneers were laid up across the top and fell over the apron in a wonderful hand-laid waterfall pattern.
In deference to the Oceana Collection, the sideboard design was kept, showcasing its hand-carved hardware, however, the new veneer and finish gave it a fresh, sophisticated look.
Sketches for the dresser and nightstand quickly followed. We had wanted to add a distinctive Gentleman’s Chest to the Alden Home offering, and Chantal presented the perfect opportunity.
Finishes were considered and a lovely neutral dark brown on the Swirl Walnut emphasized the nuances of the grain without hiding the warm highlights and details. On the Swirl Walnut, the finish would add elegance to a casual or formal setting. Tish Fuller, a dear friend and wonderful Interior Designer named the finish, Caviar. The details and construction of the fifth leg were engineered and finally the dining table stood on the factory floor, ready for final inspection and finishing.
The design of the bed evolved over time. Originally, a more relaxed version of the Oceana Bed had been envisioned and drawings were prepared for approval. The nightstands, dressers and Gentleman’s chest were all developed and drawings approved. The newly designed hardware was in process. In every piece, the beauty of the Swirl Walnut was the feature. In reviewing the overall look of the collection, we asked, “Would an upholstered bed be the right choice?” A poster bed was suggested as an alternative.
Immediately, the vision of completing the Chantal story by fusing aspects of the dining table with the design of the bed came to mind. The four posters were sleek and tapered with brass accents and the half oval headboard showcased the Swirl Walnut in a similar manner as the dining table.
The Chantal Poster Bed makes a statement, coalescing the collection. Gracefully elegant, it becomes the focal piece of this distinctive bedroom group.