Lynne and Khrys McArdle left successful corporate careers to follow their love for artistic design⎯their appreciation of things they chose to incorporate into their own living spaces.

Their initial search and study took them to foreign lands, to brilliant examples of human expression, to the evolution of interior design and furnishings. Through their original company, Alden Parkes, they focused on developing furniture from classics to contemporary in the fine furnishing world with their globally-inspired designs and attention to detail. Lynne and Khrys recently decided to refocus their design efforts to more closely reflect the reality they had grasped during the 17-years in the business ⎯that true inspiration lives elsewhere⎯and everywhere⎯in the sea, in forests, in deserts. 

They learned that if you look closely, Nature Herself reveals a pageant of design perfection. Only then did they conceive their own design philosophy⎯a devotion to honest materials, and structure, crafted in exacting detail, and reflecting the understated elegance found in Nature. 

In 2023, they made the decision to launch Alden Home. Through utilizing the talents of industry leaders in design, veneers, finishing and construction, the Company is pleased to introduce our extensive new line of products including bedrooms, dining rooms, cabinetry, occasional and accent tables, mirrors and upholstery