Discover the Essence of Nature in Furniture: Alden Home’s Transformative Rebrand

Taking inspiration from the world’s most enduring designs while embodying the essence of nature, Alden Home creates furniture that marries timeless aesthetics with modern elegance.

At Alden Home, formerly known as Alden Parkes, the world of furniture design transcends the ordinary. Inspired by the beauty of nature, Alden Home’s transformative rebrand promises a refreshing perspective on design, combining timeless aesthetics with modern elegance.

This transformation marks the union of age-old craftsmanship with a fresh, forward-looking design ethos. The rebrand encompasses a revitalized visual identity, a strategic creative approach, a brand-new website, and the unveiling of the Alden Home Showroom at IHFC during the Fall 2023 High Point Furniture Market in High Point, North Carolina.

A Legacy of Timeless Elegance

For the founders of Alden Home, Lynne and Khrys McArdle, their 17-year journey has been characterized by an unwavering passion for artistic design, deepened through global travels and their steadfast commitment to authenticity. Their evolution has led them to a profound realization – that nature herself offers an unparalleled design playbook.

The Alden Home rebrand is a testament to this, emphasizing their dedication to premium materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and the understated elegance found in the natural world.

Quality, Craftsmanship, and Nature-Inspired Aesthetics

Alden Home’s rebrand is nothing short of a design revolution. It’s an invitation to rediscover the essence of nature in furniture. The fusion of timeless aesthetics with modern elegance creates a harmonious balance that is as breathtaking as it is functional. Every piece is a symphony of beauty and functionality, seamlessly blending into your living spaces.

The Essence of Nature in Every Piece

What sets Alden Home apart is its unrelenting dedication to nature-inspired design. The beauty of the natural world is at the heart of every creation. It’s a celebration of earth’s finest materials and a testament to the artistry of craftsmanship. Whether it’s the intricate patterns of Birdseye Maple veneers or the warmth of Chestnut Burl, each piece tells a unique story of the natural world.

Chantal King Poster Bed

The Chantal King Poster Bed bespeaks sumptuous. The simplicity of the lines and rich Swirl Walnut veneers finished in Caviar with subtly soft brass accents make a statement defining understated elegance.

Sabrina Cabinet

The Sabrina Cabinet, finished in a deep Adriatic Blue, makes a bold statement featuring doors highlighted by dyed Birdseye Maple veneers in a diamond pattern accented with custom hardware.

Aspen Dining Table

The Aspen Dining Table offers an interplay of rustic Rift Cut Oak and the sophistication of Chestnut Burl on the table-top, creating unexpected, relaxed luxury. The classic Duncan Phyfe table base is accented with brass ferrules.

Aspen Sideboard

The Aspen Sideboard offers an interplay of rustic Rift Cut Oak and the sophistication of Chestnut Burl on the four doors, creating an unexpected, relaxed luxury. The four doors are accented by custom, solid brass hardware.

Jana Cocktail Table

The Jana Cocktail Table features clean, straight lines and a plinth base with beautiful Chestnut Burl veneers finished in a rich, Dark Truffle.

The Elisa Desk

This sleek contemporary 5-drawer Elisa Desk has an Art Deco feel and is finished in a Recon Geometric Veneer with a clear topcoat. The tapered legs are finished in black with brass ferrules. The solid brass hardware beautifully accents the veneers.

Explore the Transformation at High Point Market

The most exciting part of Alden Home’s rebrand is that you don’t have to wait long to experience it. An exclusive preview awaits you at the Fall 2023 High Point Furniture Market in High Point, North Carolina. This is your chance to witness the unveiling of a new era in furniture design. Alden Home’s IHFC 310 showroom is where you’ll find a captivating showcase of many of our 100 new product introductions. From sumptuous beds to striking cabinets and rustic dining tables to sleek contemporary desks, there’s something for every design enthusiast. Don’t miss your chance to see nature at her finest and experience a new era of design excellence.
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