“Taking inspiration from nature, Alden Home is found at the intersection of beautiful materials and exquisite finishes. Our hand selected veneers, the meticulous attention to detail, skilled workmanship, and commitment to quality reflect a pageant of design perfection, resulting in furniture design that is timeless, often unexpected, and always uniquely personal.”

What's New at Alden Home

Alden Home is proud to present our collections which include bedroom suites, dining, cabinetry, occasional and accent tables, mirrors and more! Browse through our product selections below to find your Alden Home style.

Our Design Team

For over 17 years, we’ve traveled the world to mine the inspiration of places and people — man-made works created in our time — Nature’s works created since time began. Our mission is to take these gifts and subtly place them in singular products that find their place in your home and life.

In a practical sense, we must believe what resonates with us must resonate with you, and through you, to your customers. In the end, our products must firmly tell the tale — of exotic veneers, exquisite finishes, custom hardware — and meticulous attention to detail.

We are confident you will see what we see — and find it worthy of your most key scrutiny.

About Alden Home

Discover stories revealing our design philosophy and inspirations to bring you the beauty in home furnishings that you deserve.

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